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PingFin – Money Under Control
  • Let's understand how you spend money

    This is your first step to well-being

  • Spend money more efficiently and achieve financial goals

    Easy, Convenient and Absolutely Free


Why You'll Love Our Application

PingFin is the first application that not only allows you to understand the full picture of your finances, but also saves real money.

Your money is under control

Aggregate accounts in all banks in one application, get tips on cost optimization, plan your budget.


Save real money

Get personal discounts from PingFin partners, make purchases at favorable prices - it will allows you to reach your financial goals faster.

Useful and Convenient

PingFin is made for people who care about their money and time

Full picture of finance

All bank accounts in one application, automatic accounting of outcomes and incomes

Cost Management

Set limits that will allow you to keep the budget under control

Financial advices

Get tips that will help you spend money efficiently and save more


Smart system that defines the categories of your outcomes and incomes

Financial goals

Your great plans will necessarily come true. We will help you achieve your money-related goals faster.

Personal offers

Own loyalty program, which will allow you to receive discounts from partners

Keep your money! Just try it now!

Let's get acquainted with the friendly and clever application

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We are always ready to answer them