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for Partners – PingFin

Increase the efficiency of your budgets to 100%

We created a system that will deliver targeted offers to your customers at the right time in the right place given their interests, preferences and financial opportunities. Analyzing and predicting payment behavior we open new opportunities for your customers and business.

Why come work for us?

You can think that you know a lot about your customers. But in fact, you constantly don’t have enough information to attract the target customers at the lowest cost. Just imagine that with us every dollar you spend leads to you a customer who is guaranteed to make a purchase. This is the result we are ready to guarantee within our loyalty program of which your company can become a part.

100% efficiency of the marketing budget

You pay only when the customer has made a purchase.

Unique information for creating the next new offer

We are ready to share with you the aggregated data of clients’ payment behavior

Advantages of partnership

Attract new customers

You know your regular customers and we will bring to you those who have not yet assessed the values of your services.

Increase the activity of existing customers

You want to see your customers more often - entrust it to us. We know exactly how and when you should make the invitation.

Return customers and increase their loyalty

Your competitors are actively luring customers. With us you can understand why customers leave you and how to return them.

Make clients personal offers

With PingFin each of your offers for the client can be unique and targeted.

Create an additional value for customers

By recommending our application to your clients you contribute to improvement of their well-being.

Participate in creative collaborations

Each cooperative advertising campaign benefits not only you but your customers.

"Fantastic! The fastest integration in my life."
Alexandr Pozharenko
CEO at Kukupolis
"Love this team and app! . . . We are increase our sales for 16% so easy!"
John Williams
CEO at BlockFactory
"Amazing! Thanks for the PingFin team!"
Tamara Kulinkovich
Co-Founder/Owner at Skitapi

Do you want to create an additional value for customers?

Send us your contacts and we will reach you for further details.

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